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NCLEX Program Reports

Whether you are a novice testing professional or an experienced Psychometrician, there are many times when the advice and experience of a knowledgeable external consultant are invaluable in moving your program forward. Mountain Measurement provides consultation to individuals or organizations seeking this type of assistance.

Mountain Measurement provides five different types of consultation:

  • Program Certifications - The certification experts at Mountain Measurement can review your entire testing program to uncover weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. Mountain Measurement can audit:

    • Psychometric Specifications, Design and Performance
    • Test Administration Policies & Procedures
    • Technical Systems

  • NCCA Accreditation - The consultants at Mountain Measurment will simplify the NCCA application process for you by offering the guidance and support you need to successfully become accredited.
  • Item Review - Mountain Measurement is able to review your item pool to identify items that could be more effective if they were worded or formatted differently.
  • Phone Support - (Great for beginners!) The consultants at Mountain Measurement are able to answer questions pertaining to testing, assessment, measurement, certification, survey design, or research methods.

  • In-Service Training - Mountain Measurement staff are also able to come to your organization to develop your staff into better testing professionals. Possible topics include:

    • Interpreting Exam Statistics
    • Item Response Theory 101
    • The Basics of Item Banking
    • Survey Design for Beginners

  • Research Projects - Organizations wishing to understand their program in a more in-depth manner may wish to conduct research on various aspects of their program. Mountain Measurement can assist by undertaking either large or small research projects. Common research studies include:

    • Validity Studies
    • Time Limit Adequacy Studies (Speededness Studies)
    • Item Response Theory Feasibility Studies