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Mountain Measurementís mission is to design and develop superior assessment programs and to cultivate extraordinary insight from examination data. A leader in psychometrics, analytics, reporting and data visualization, Mountain Measurement serves the K–12 and licensure and certification sectors of the testing industry in a manner that sustains the environment and supports the community.

As a small, dynamic firm, we provide personal attention, flexibility and cost savings that can't be matched. Mountain Measurement provides the services and expertise necessary to take your research or assessment to higher ground.

We're Flexible

Whether you want a full solution for testing or consultation on part of your program, we can provide you with what you need.

Tool Independence

We're experts who understand the best tools and methodologies available. We'll help you assess the options and craft the program that will best suit your needs.

Leaders in Our Field

We are dedicated to improving the reliability and validity of measurement through both traditional and modern psychometric practices, such as Item Response Theory (IRT) and Rasch Measurement Theory.