Mountain Measurement, Inc.
the pinnacle of assessment

At Mountain Measurement we're out to show that business can be a positive force for sustainability.

The earth is just about our most important resource. That's why we're dedicated to minimizing our impact on the planet while providing top-notch service to our clients. We're committed to environmental sustainability in a variety of areas:

Transportation - We've reduced our impact by biking. We also support the use of biodiesel and vegetable oil. Here's the slide deck from the Biodiesel lecture that Brian gave at the TLC Farm.

Technology - Mountain Measurement regularly decomissions its electronics with Portland-based Free Geek, which reuses and recycles computer hardware.

Energy - We purchase 100% wind and geothermal power through Pacific Power's Blue Sky program, supporting the development of renewable energy sources and lowered emissions in our area. In addition, Mountain Measurement hosts this web site at ecoSky, a local solar-powered ISP.

Community - Mountain Measurement employees have spent considerable time volunteering with Portland's City Repair Project, an organization dedicated to community building and the environment. One of Mountain Measurement's projects is conducting research relating neighborhood social capital to individual health near one of City Repair's placemaking projects.

Office Supplies - We believe in the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in that order. That's why we conduct most of our business without paper. Internally, we print documents on reused paper. Formal documents that require new paper are printed on 100% post- consumer recycled paper.

Other Causes - Employees are also engaged in other far-reaching environmentalism, from natural building to soil building right here at the Mountain Measurement offices. We're fueled on organic food and fair-trade coffee. We are members of Oregon Natural Step Network and the Sustainable Business Network of Portland.