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Test Results ANalysis Statistical
Outcomes Manager

TRANSOM™ is Mountain Measurement's secure web-based Test Results Management System that allows examinees, trainers, regulators and test sponsors to leverage the intelligence in the stream of data coming from educational assessments or licensure and certification examinations. Key features include continuous psychometric analytics and a suite of diagnostic reports that contain interactive visualizations.

The TRANSOM™ Mission: to maximize the utility of test results information.


  • A Database of test results
  • A Data Analysis Engine that is constantly analyzing your test results
  • A Monitoring System that notifies key stakeholders when your assessment requires attention
  • A Suite of Reports that users can interact with
  • A Secure Website Portal where candidates, external stakeholders (such as educators), and test sponsors can access information and network about their test results

Release Notes

    Find out what's new with TRANSOM™ by visiting the release notes page of the Mountain Measurement website.

More information on TRANSOM™ can be requested by directly contacting Mountain Measurement Inc. from the contact page.