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Mountain Measurement delivers cutting edge, cost-effective psychometric solutions. Designed by leading testing professionals, each solution has flexibility in mind. And don't forget, each of these services comes to you from an Earth-friendly provider.

Psychometric Consultation - Whether you are a novice testing professional or an experienced Psychometrician, there are many times when the advice and experience of a knowledgeable external consultant can be invaluable in moving your program forward. Mountain Measurement provides consultation to individuals or organizations seeking this type of assistance. Areas of expertise include

  • Testing Program Design
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • Linear-on-the-Fly Testing (LOFT)
  • Linking & Equating
  • Test Development Policies
  • Test Monitoring
  • Test Evaluation
  • Item Response Theory (IRT)
  • Rasch Measurement

Psychometric Services - We provide a wide array of psychometric support that your assessment program requires. We can provide comprehensive

  • Test Design
  • Job Task Analysis (Practice Analysis)
  • Item Writer Training
  • Item Review
  • Item and Test Analysis
  • Forms Assembly (Pre-equating)
  • Standard Setting

Psychometric Research Projects - Organizations wishing to understand their testing program in a more in-depth manner may wish to conduct research on various aspects of their program. Mountain Measurement can assist by undertaking either large or small research projects. Common research studies include:

  • Validity Studies
  • Time Limit Adequacy Studies (Speededness Studies)
  • Item Response Theory Feasibility Studies
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) Readiness Studies

Psychometric Training - Mountain Measurement staff are also able to come to your organization to develop your staff into better testing professionals. Possible topics include

  • Item Writing Basics
  • An Introduction to Test Development
  • Interpreting Exam Statistics
  • Item Response Theory 101
  • The Basics of Item Banking